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Defense Federal Acquisitions Regulations - DFARs

The Department of Defense FAR Supplement sets out defense requirements that are either novel or additional to those regulations that exist within the Federal Acquisition Regulations.  For those aspects that are novel to the referencing within the FAR will include 7,000 series number within each of the chapters e.g., a reference of  215.7001 would be for a novel requirement, whereas a reference of 252.215 would be for an additional requirement of a matter covered within the FAR.

The DFAR supplement is specific to procurement undertaken by the Department of Defense (DoD). Other agencies e.g. Department of State have their own supplement. The FAR supplement contains requirements of law, DoD wide policy, delegations of FAR authority and deviations from FAR requirements. The structure of the FAR supplement is the same as that set out on the previous page for the FAR and has the same Subchapter and Part headings as the FAR.

In that 7000 series will always represent an additional requirement of the DoD great care should be taken in ensuring that these are fully and properly understood.


Structure of Agency Supplements

In addition to the FAR and DFAR each agency or branch of armed forces has its own regulations and/or terms that it may apply. For example if the contract is for the navy then in addition to the FAR and the DFAR then additional requirements may be included within the contract from the navy supplement. These have a four digit first part so if a figure 5 is the first of a four digit reference then you are looking at a navy clause e.g. 5252.215-11 where effectively you can see that ‘5’ Navy, ‘2’ Defense, ‘52’ FAR Part 15.

The structure of the DFAR solicitation provisions and contract clauses is also linked to the structure of the FAR. For example DFAR 252.225-7013 ‘Duty Free Entry’,  sits within the same numerical structure as FAR 52.225-13 is ‘Restrictions on certain foreign purchases’.